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Instead of using the yellow pages to find local firms, customers are turning to the internet instead.

– Christopher Park

SEO can be used for local advertising in two main ways:

    • The first way is to target search terms that include a geographic location in them in the main search results, using Search Engine Optimisation.


  • The second way to target local search traffic is to rank a profile in the local search listings. These listings are the maps (places) results that are displayed for location specific searches.


The Local Search Algorithm

The search engines use two different algorithms to calculate the local search listings and the standard search results. It is therefore necessary, when ranking companies in the local search listings, to employ a different set of SEO techniques than would be used to obtain rankings in the main search results.

Local Search Marketing Process

The local search marketing process has five main stages:

    1. Keyword Identification – We will identify the most suitable keywords for your company based on search volume and relevance to your business. The keyword identification process will include competition analysis to ensure that your resources are directed towards the areas where they will yield the greatest results.


    1. Profile Creation And Optimisation – We will create an online profile in the local search listings (places) for your company or redevelop an existing profile. The profile will be optimised for the target keywords. Video and image files will be optimised. The profile will be taken through the off line verification process.


    1. Website Optimisation – We will analyse your website and suggest changes that could improve your on page optimisation for your target keywords. We will also implement the use of encoded Schema, Meta Data Tags and KLM files to improve your results in the local search listings.


    1. Citation Building – We will create citations for your profile to improve its rankings in the results pages. The citations will be created using keyword related anchor text.


  1. Inbound Link Building – Where appropriate we will engage in standard search engine optimisation link building to boost your rankings in the SERPs and so complement the Google places SEO. Improving your rankings in the standard search results for your target keywords will help your profiles to rank well in the local search listings.


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