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Improve Your Bounce Rate

Improve Your Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of people who visit your website and then decide to leave straight away.

We have always known that it made sense to keep the bounce rate low and make the most of our visitors.  Yet recently it has become even more important.  Google will no longer rank websites with lousy bounce rates in the top spots.


Simply it is a sign of site quality.  If people enter your website and immediately decide to either leave it’s a sign that, they don’t think it is very good or that it is not related to what they were searching for.  Neither of these things encourages Google to rank your website well.

Here are some things you can do to lower bounce rate:

  • Let visitors find content quickly and easily.  If people, are not engaged by your content, they will leave.  Therefore, you need to make your content engaging and relevant.
  • Build Trust.  Placing trust seals on your site, adding personal information, reviews and testimonials can all encourage casual visitors to stick around a little bit longer.
  • Add Social Media.  Social media helps keep people engaged and it makes you look up to date.
  • Meet searchers expectations. Make sure your pages content matches the pages title and the terms you are to ranking for in the search results.  If people do not see what they were expecting on your page, they will quickly leave it.
  • Interlink your webpages.  Linking between webpages means that even if people don’t see what they want on the current page they may see a link that will take them to something relevant.  When they click this link it increases their time on your website.  So add a link your text at least every 200 words.  On ecommerce sites you can be creative and add product suggestion or popular choice lists.

Brining down your bounce rate will improve your websites results.  Get in touch to get our help with this.

You can find out what your bounce rate is by installing Google Analytics on your website.

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