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How To Create A Referral System

How To Create A Referral System

Referrals from existing clients are a great way to get more business. It is virtually free to do and can have a very high conversion rate if it is done right.

They key to getting good referrals is to employ a system. Do not just sit there and hope your clients will recommend you to their friends.

Set up procedures so that you always ask a client for a testimonial after you have achieved something for them. Ask early in the relationship don’t wait months and months to get the benefits.

Use a series of questions to bring out answers that are congruent with your marketing and record the answers.

Once you have the results write a referral letter for that client using their own words to create the letter. By doing this, you are making it very easy for the client to refer people to you. (One of your questions asks earlier should be £would they recommend you to other people?” they will also want to remain congruent with this earlier answer.)

Get the client to give you details for some people who meet your description of an ideal client. You will then send this letter to five people (usually) who meet the description.

The personal recommendation combined with the high level of targeting means that this is very effective and the people you speak to should convert well.

For minimal effort, you can expand your business. Remember the key is have set procedures you follow and to ask at time when the client is happy with your results.

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