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How to create a bing local (places) business listing in the UK

How to create a bing local (places) business listing in the UK

Anyone in the UK who has visited the Bing Places For Business Portal will have found they are unable to create a maps listing or local profile on Bing.

The current system only allows businesses based in the USA to create listings and does not support UK listings.

Yet anyone who has been on Bing will have seen local UK based listings displayed in the search results.  So where do they come from and how can you add your own listing?

The answer is that Bings local profiles in the UK are provided by 118.  To create a profile you need to submit your data to 118 here:

118 will telephone you and ask you to confirm your details – so expect the phone call. You will then be sent a confirmation email. You need to click on the link to edit your listing (even if you don’t want to change anything). When editing your listing try and work any keyword or location you want to rank for into the listings text / brand section. Submit the listing and after a week or so it will be approved and go live.

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