Facebook has over 500 million users. Fan Pages are therefore a great way to find new customers. Yet most companies are not using Facebook Fan Pages and even those who do, are typically not getting the most out of their Fan Pages.

The most powerful aspect of Facebook is its viral nature. Whenever you use Facebook you should plan your campaigns in way that takes advantage of the in build viral features. For instance a simple viral effect occurs when you place a post on the wall of your fan page; as this causes the post to appear in the News Feed of all the people who have ‘Liked’ the page. So by placing information on your wall you can communicate with all the people you have previously made a connection with.

What most people don’t realise that is by simply posting their comments in the notes section of the Fan Page instead of on their Facebook wall they can dramatically increase their impact. Any comment placed in the notes section of your Fan Page goes out to the News Feed of the people who have ‘Liked’ the fan page and is additionally placed in the News Feed of all their friends. The average person has 130 friends so the increase in the number of people who see the message is huge.

Typically it will take about 500 ‘Likes’ on a well designed Fan Page to make it go viral. After you have got 500 ‘Likes’ you should regularly post engaging content in the notes section of your Fan Page. The friends of your followers will all see the content and some of them will be interested in it and will decide to join your Fan Page as well. This will lead to a steady growth in the number of people engaging with your Fan Page.

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