Build businesses around your strengths. This is much easier than doing things you are not good at or find difficult.

You are far more likely to be successful in a business closely related to your skills than one which is unrelated. Think of it this way are you likely to do better at something you are good at or something which you are poor at? Of course you will do better at the things you are skilled in. Remember this fact when you select a business idea.

It is no coincidence that a great many of the internet success stories such as Google have been run by programmers. They were able to do the work themselves to get things moving quickly, to experiment and make rapid changes that none programmers could not do. For instance Marc Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook was a programmer but the Winklecoss twins who failed to make the same idea a success were not.

Other businesses cannot easily compete with your strengths. So you can turn these strengths into a competitive advantage that will be hard to match.

Consider your passions, resources, environment, and knowledge. In what markets are you customer? If you would buy this product then you may well understand it. If you have no other clear strength at least look for passion about the business idea as an advantage.

The ideal business for you will be one where your strengths will be matched to both the sales process for the product and its delivery to customers. There is little point doing things that you are not good at if you can get someone else to do it for you. Look to outsource tasks which you cannot do well yourself.

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