Search Engine Optimisation Services

Mobile SEO Services

The mobile market is exploding

– Peter Chernin

How people use the internet is evolving and consquently inorder to get the most out of the web you need to adapt to the latest developments.

The use of mobile technology is on the rise and rapidly becoming an important part of the web. Companies who do not cater for the mobile audience will miss out on a major avenue through which they could interact with their customer base.

Mobile SEO Services

Mobile search engines utilise different algorithms and bots to determine which websites to rank. The search results can therefore be different from the standard search engine rankings.

We provide Mobile SEO Services. We can make sure that your website shows up at the top of the mobile search results so that mobile customers can find you online.

Mobile Search Results

We will carry out search engine optimisation link building in order to drive your website up to the top of the mobile search results.

The mobile search algorithm places a greater priority is on website design and the compatibility of your website design to the mobile internet. In other words to rank well in the mobile results your website needs to be user friendly when viewed on a mobile device.

We can redevelop your website to ensure optimum results in mobile search.

Control The User Experience

We enable our clients to direct their mobile visitors, to customised mobile website designs, inhibit website transcoding if they wish to use existing designs or to take website visitors directly to Apps specifically designed for mobile use.

Website use can also be controlled through the use of mobile and handheld specific style sheets to control the design and tailor it to the device being used.

Reactive Website Design

New develop reactive website designs so that your website can adapt to the format it is viewed on, be it a tablet, mobile or standard user interface.

Technical SEO

We can help your website perform on the mobile internet by creating specific mobile sitemaps to help the mobile search engines interact with your websites correctly.