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Adding Paypal To Contact Form 7 Plugin

Adding Paypal To Contact Form 7 Plugin

This is how to add paypal to the end of your contact form 7:

Paypal Section

1. Go to pay pal and go to merchant services.
2. Select Website Payments Standard – Follow all the instructions to create the button.
3. After you create the button you will be given the code for the website. Next to it you can select the email button and get a url to go to your payment on paypal. Go to the email section and save this url for later use.

Contact Form 7 Section

4. Install the contact form 7 plugin. – It can be downloaded from wordpress.
5. Create your contact form.
6. At the bottom of the form creation page add this to the “additional settings” section:

on_sent_ok: “location.replace(‘’);”

7. Replace the url in the code with the url you saved from paypal earlier.

You can change the send button to the image of the paypal button if you want it to look like the actual paypal payment system from the outset.

Adding a paypal payment to a form can be a fiddly task. You have a couple of options for wordpress websites. The easiest and best way is to use gravity forms. This however costs $200 to implement. An alternative is to use an edit on the free contact form 7 plugin.

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